Seminarios de Geometría Algebraica

Martes 21 de marzo

"Newton-Okounkov bodies and limits in characteristic p>0"

Ponente: Daniel J. Hernández, Universidad de Kansas
Lugar: Salón G101
Hora: 12:30 hrs
Resumen: Motivated by recent work of Cutkosky on multiplicities, we will consider various numerical limits coming from prime characteristic commutative algebra from the point of view of Newton-Okounkov bodies. This is joint work with Jack Jeffries (Michigan).
Martes 7 de marzo

"Globalizing F-invariants"

Ponente: Alessandro De Stefani
Lugar: Salón G101
Hora: 12:30 hrs
Resumen: The Hilbert-Kunz multiplicity and the F-signature are two important numerical invariants, defined for local rings of prime characteristic. They are subtly connected with the theory of singularities, and they often provide a good measure of how ill-behaved a ring can be. We will survey some classical results on these invariants. We will discuss how to extend these notions to rings that are not necessarily local, in a way that still detects relevant information. This gives a possible way to meaningfully extend these concepts to more geometric objects, such as algebraic varieties. The talk is based on joint work with Thomas Polstra and Yongwei Yao.