Callejoneada-Strolling Guanajuato's narrow, winding streets.
A unique cultural experience in Guanajuato -- the callejoneada, a musical tradition imported from Spain featuring local university students dressed as medieval troubadours. Playing music on stringed instruments, the ensemble--known as an estudiantina--leads the people through a song-guided tour of the beautiful narrow, colonial streets of the city. Wine is provided, drunk in jugs with a spout as in Spain, but no food is served. This activity is sponsored by the Municipality of Guanajuato, and features the City's own estudiantina.
A popular tourist attraction, the estudiantina owes its popularity to a character named "Tuno", who creates a world of magic and surprise through romantic, jolly and picaresque music, full of his good spirit, with the city providing a magnificent backdrop.