The purpose of this conference is to bring together leading experts and researchers and to assess new developments in this very active and important field. The conference will continue the tradition of previous fixed point theory meetings which were held in Marseille (1989), Halifax (1991), Seville (1995), Kazimierz Dolny (1997), Haifa (2001) and Valencia (2003).


Helga Fetter Nathansky, Berta Gamboa de Buen.
Jesús García-Falset (Univ. of Valencia, Spain)
Enrique Llorens Fuster (Univ. of Valencia, Spain)
Brailey Sims (Univ. of Newcastle, Australia)
Art Kirk (University of Iowa, USA)


The Congress will take place at the Parador San Javier, a traditional hotel in Guanajuato (
with gardens and a swimming pool which is located at walking distance from downtown (a 30 minutes walk) and there are a number of busses and taxis close by (
Breakfast and lunch (the main meal in Mexico) will be served in the Parador. There are several restaurants and bars downtown.

The cost will be about 90 US$ per person per day in a single room and 65 US$ per person per day in a double room. This includes the room, breakfast and lunch. You will have to make the reservations yourself before June 5, 2005.
To book your room, mention that you are attending his meeting and write to: You will have to pay one night in advance.
The registration fee will be 120 US$. This fee also covers the banquet of the conference.
The airport serving Guanajuato is Aereopuerto del Bajío (León), approximately 30 km from here.  The Benito Juárez airport  in Mexico City is 350 km from here.


All talks will be 45 minutes.
We invite you to register before May 31 at the top of the page.