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Moduli Spaces and Mathematical Physics

CIMPA-CIMAT-SWAGP Research School / Workshop

January 21st to February 2nd, 2013

The workshop finishes on February 1st.


Algebraic geometry is a key area of mathematical research of international significance. The Theory of Moduli Spaces has experienced an extraordinary development in recent decades, finding an increasing number of mathematical connections with other fields of mathematics and physics. This school is an introduction to subjects of current interest related to moduli spaces of augmented bundles and physics. The school will be directed at students and researchers in mathematics and physics interested in the subject and its aim is to introduce young mathematicians to the foundations of the theory, some of its major developments and tools used for its study and also a few glimpses on some more advanced topics.

The school will be followed by a Workshop. These activities are part of the Four month programme on Moduli Spaces-2013 in CIMAT ( and of the Schools and Workshops on Algebraic Geometry and Physics (SWAGP) that have been organized since 1996 in different countries. More information of SWAPG can be found in the web page

Courses for the School

The courses will be in English

1)Higgs bundles and physics, by Tony Pantev (University of Pennsylvania, USA)

2)Gromov-Witten Theory towards gauged Gromov-Witten theory, by Eduardo Gonzales (UMASS, Boston)

3) From AGT to knots, by Alexei Morozov (ITEP, Moscow)

4) Holomorphic Lagrangian Fibrations, by D. Markushevich (U. Lille I)

Main speakers for the Workshop:

E. D. Diaconescu (Rutgers U.), E. Gonzales (UMASS, Boston), Antonella Grassi (U. Pennsylvania), M. Jardim (Campinas), E. Macrì (Ohio State U.), D. Markushevich (U. Lille I), A. Mironov (ITEP, Moscow), A. Morozov (ITEP, Moscow), H. Compeán (CINVESTAV), T. Pantev (U. Pennsylvania), A. Tikhomirov (Yaroslavl), M. Zabzine (Uppsala), Bumsig Kim (KIAS,Seoul, Korea), A. Bayer (U. Connecticut).

Contributed Talks

There will be between 8 and 10 time slots for oral presentations of 30 minutes. If you wish to submit a talk you will need to send the following information to Leticia Brambila-Paz lebp at  before October 1st:
-A title and abstract of your presentation
-Your last 5 most relevant publications (in case you do not have publications we will need you to send us the name of your Ph.D. Director).

We will send you an e-mail informing you whether your talk has been accepted as soon as a decision has been made by the Scientific Committee.


Scientific Committee: Leticia Brambila-Paz (CIMAT, Mexico), Ugo Bruzzo (SISSA, Italy), Volodya Rubtsov (University of Angers, France), Tony Pantev (University of Pennsylvania, USA)

Organizing committee: Leticia Brambila-Paz (CIMAT) lebp at , Ugo Bruzzo (SISSA) bruzzo at, Osbaldo Mata-Gutierrez (CIMAT) osbaldo at, Volodya Rubtsov (University of Angers, France) volodya at


School: 21- 25 January 2013

Workshop: 28th January- 1st February 2013

Deadline for registration:

15th October 2012