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These are the programs that CIMAT-Aguascalientes offers to fulfill its objective of strengthening mathematical applications, improving the teaching of mathematics and promoting research.

Training and Continuing Education

Continuing education is a very important activity for CIMAT-Aguascalientes. Its programs teach the use of statistical tools and methods to improve quality.

Here are some of the programs offered:

  • Specializations in statistical methods in three areas: Industrial Engineering, Social Sciences and Biostatistics
  • Training in Six Sigma methodology
  • Refresher courses:


Statistical Consulting
The statistical consulting group at CIMAT-Aguascalientes is staffed by applied statistics experts who investigates and resolves issues in many areas. The group consists of consultants and researchers with graduate degrees recognized in Mexico and abroad.

For industry CIMAT-Aguascalientes addresses problems related to production process optimization, experiment design for the development and improvement of products, use of statistical tools and methods to improve quality, as well as Six Sigma methodology.

CIMAT-Aguascalientes also includes a group of CIMAT scholars with experience in the area of social sciences, and who are experts in designing statistical studies with multidisciplinary teams to solve problems related to political, economic and social projects.

In the areas of life sciences and healthcare, CIMAT-Aguascalientes works with physicians and biologists to improve the reliability of results for research projects and design of studies. They provide support for clinical trials that helps evaluate the effect of a new treatment or epidemiological studies on plants, animals and humans.

CIMAT-Aguascalientes offers:

  • Consulting services that help reduce costs, increase productivity, improve product quality, reduce waste, optimize resources, processes, products and services, generate and analyze statistical information for decision-making, use methodologies for solving problems
  • Support of the highest quality to projects in the areas of technology development, quality, manufacturing and Six Sigma
  • Support to organizations to effect change and increase productivity, quality and competitiveness



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