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Doctoral Programs

Doctorado (in Spanish)

General Objectives

The main objective of CIMAT’s doctoral programs is to provide students with a solid foundation on which to base a strong specialization. Doctoral programs facilitate and promote the development of thinking skills and professionalism in the students’ areas of interest.

Our students receive guidance and training to select their area of specialization and to understand leading-edge research and solve advanced problems.  They also receive support for their original research pursuits that enrich their chosen fields.

In addition to working as high-level professionals in developing mathematical solutions for a wide variety of problems in pure and applied science, our doctoral students are trained in an academic environment to prepare for a teaching or research career, which allows them to work with multidisciplinary teams.

Our doctoral students are also trained to work at very high management positions in the public and private sectors.

The areas of specialization in the doctoral program are:

  • Pure Mathematics
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Computer Science

Applicant Profile

The Ph.D Program is open to full-time students who:

  • Hold a Master’s degree in Science, or equivalent, in relevant disciplines related to the program.  Alternatively, students may have a Bachelor's degree if in the opinion of the admissions committee they have the preparation, knowledge and skills equivalent to a Master’s.
  • Have sound knowledge of the core subjects of his area of discipline and knowledge in some specialized area of ​​pure or applied mathematics, statistics or computer science.
  • Have a good understanding of spoken and written English as well as reasonably fluent in English speaking and writing.


  • The program has an estimated duration of 6 to 8 semesters after completing graduate studies in any of the programs offered by the CIMAT, or 8 to 10 semesters for students admitted directly from undergraduate, or master's students from other institutions.
  • During this time students are required to complete 160 credits in courses, 8 of which necessarily correspond to the approval of a doctoral candidacy examination and 20 which correspond to each of the semester thesis seminars. 
  • Additional doctoral degree requirements are the development and defense of a doctoral thesis that makes a novel contribution to scientific knowledge, and passing an English exam which involves making an audiovisual presentation of the main results of the student’s thesis before a group of experts.

Requirements for obtaining a doctoral degree

Candidacy Exam

To be approved for the candidacy, students must enroll in the Special Academic Activities course no later than the third semester of their first entry to the PhD program.

The Candidacy Exam consists in a written and an oral section. The evaluation committee will review, in consultation with the student's advisor, the contents of the written exam.

The student must submit to the committee a written document that clearly presents the topic of the thesis, the state of the art concerning the topic, and a proposal on how to address the problem. In the oral presentation the student must defend the doctoral thesis proposal before this same committee.

Efficiency Exam

The student will develop during the semester a small thesis on an article or part of a research article, whose subject is in an area different from the student’s doctoral work or from any thesis from the student's previous master’s or bachelor’s programs. This is to demonstrate to a jury appointed by the program coordinator an understanding of the topic by answering questions posed by the jury.

For this purpose the student must;

1. Request a topic and a jury at the beginning of the semester in which the student is registered in the Special Activities II course.

2. Obtain approval for the subject by the end of the semester. That is, by the end of the semester, students must have submitted both written and oral work approved by the jury.

The doctoral studies culminate with a final product which is a doctoral dissertation that includes new contributions to the area of research upon which the thesis is based.

Academic environment

CIMAT provides the infrastructure to support research for its students. Graduate students work in cubicles with computers and internet access. All students have access to computer labs specially equipped for assignments and research projects in the areas of mathematics, computer science and probability and statistics.


The services and resources of the CIMAT’s library, which is the best library of its kind outside of Mexico City, are accessible to all students. The collection of books and magazines is complemented by access to electronic journals, scientific databases and interlibrary loans from the most important institutions in Mexico.

Admission Process
In order to be considered for admission the applicant must:
  • Submit a written request by email to the academic coordinator for the graduate program to take the admissions test and to interview for admission to the doctoral program.
  • Include in the request a statement of reasons and interest, preferably stating any specialization area and, if applicable, proposing the name of a researcher as CIMAT as your advisor.
  • Appear before the admissions committee for an interview and pass the entrance examination, and, where appropriate, attend and pass any additional preparatory courses required for admission to your department of specialization.
  • At the end of the preparatory courses and based on the decisions of the admissions committee, the CIMAT Academic Training Coordination officially communicates the results of the admission process to each of the applicants.
  • Applicants admitted to the program need to submit all documents required for registration to the offices of graduate school services.
  • For applicants residing abroad, the Admission Committee may substitute the interview and selection test for internationally accredited tests, or use some other means to make a proper assessment before issuing an official acceptance to the program.

Foreign students need to complete the relevant consular procedures and comply with the immigration procedures of the Mexican government before the start of classes.

Specific Admission Requirements

Each year, specific requirements are published, relating to documents, interviews and important dates. Visit the Admissions section in Spanish for current information.

General Rules of Academic Programs and Complementary Guidelines for the Master's and Doctoral Programs (in Spanish)

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