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Master’s Program FAQs

Preguntas frecuentes Maestrías (in Spanish)

Master of Science in Probability and Statistics

What is the admission process?

  • Admission is based on the applicant’s academic record, an interview and submission of a written examination. The final decision of admission is made by the admissions committee after reviewing the results of the academic record, the results of the interview and examination of applicants.

What is the exam?

  • The exam covers knowledge and skills, especially in matters of Differential and Integral Calculus, Linear Algebra and Mathematical Analysis. It does not presuppose knowledge of Probability and Statistics. The entrance examination is also indicative of abilities in imagination, creativity, abstraction, logical reasoning, formal writing and analysis.

Can I be admitted to the master if I have not finished or started my undergraduate final thesis?

  • While it is possible to enter the degree program without having completing the undergraduate final thesis, our experience has shown that, due to the pace and demands of the program, it is not advisable to start the program unless you only have a very short time before you are going to finish you undergraduate thesis.
  • If you have not started your thesis and are admitted to the master’s program, we suggest that you consider doing your thesis at CIMAT under the direction of one of the master teachers.

Where can I get a scholarship?

  • The master’s program belongs to the National Register of Postgraduate CONACYT, so Mexican students who are accepted are under the support of the agency for a scholarship. For foreign students there are other options for scholarship awards by the Organization of American States (OAS) or under agreement grants from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico with other countries. Look for information about these scholarships by visiting directly the website of these and other international organizations, as well as contacting Mexico's embassy in your country.
  • There are also a very limited number of scholarships granted by CIMAT, subject to the budgetary situation of the center at the time of acceptance.
  • The Statistical Laboratory (LABEST) has started a scholarship program for students participating in programs taught by the Probability and Statistics faculty.
  • All scholarships for Mexicans and some of the scholarships for foreign students, depending on the respective agreement with CIMAT, cover registration and tuition. However, only the CONACYT scholarship includes medical service coverage provided by ISSSTE.

For more information contact the coordinator of the Masters: Ortega Joaquín Sánchez (

Master of Computer Science (MCS)

Why attend the MCS program at CIMAT?

  • CIMAT is a world-class research center, with a faculty of scientists who are recognized in their field.
  • The MCS program is recognized by CONACYT’s National Register of Postgraduate Programs; students are awarded scholarships to pursue their studies.
  • Students benefit from a rich mathematical environment.
  • Students can prepare their thesis within research projects that often involve international collaborations. Many of our students have submitted their thesis work in prestigious international conferences and have even published in scientific journals.
  • Students study in a rich academic environment with access to many seminars, conferences and symposia.
  • CIMAT offers facilities that are first class and facilitate the learning process.
  • When you study at CIMAT, you are in the middle of the cultural life of the beautiful city of Guanajuato which makes it an attractive student life.
  • It is considered an honor to be a member of the CIMAT community.
  • Our graduates find jobs in academia or industry rapidly. And for those who wish to pursue doctoral studies, the MCS degree is well accepted by other programs.

What is the official name of the MCS program?

  • Master of Science in Computing and Industrial Mathematics

Is it a Master’s program in computer science or in mathematics?

  • It is undoubtedly a master’s program in computer science although, because it is being offered by a mathematics research center, the areas that are being covered are those areas of computer science that have a large mathematical component.  We could say that we focus on mathematical computation.

When does the Master’s program start?

  • CIMAT’s MCS starts in the second half of every year.

What is the admission process?

  • To take and pass the entrance exam
  • To be interviewed by the admissions committee
  • To take and pass the preparatory course

What are the dates for taking the entrance exam and the preparatory course?

  • The dates for the application, the exam and the interview are published every year as are the dates for the preparatory course.
  • We suggest you consult the admission section of CIMAT’s website.

If I do not pass the entrance exam can I take it again?

  • You will have to wait at least 10 months before you can take the entrance exam again.

If I do not pass the preparatory course can I take it again?

  • You will have to wait at least 10 months before you can take the entrance exam again. If you pass the exam you can take the preparatory course again.

What undergraduate grade point average is required for admission?

  • You must have obtained in your preceding studies (undergraduate studies in this case) a minimum grade point average of 8.

What is the cost per semester?

  • The semester tuition fee is 15 minimum monthly wages of the Federal District (SMMDF), but most of our students have tuition scholarships from CONACYT.

What is the CONACYT scholarship?

  • Scholarships are awarded for up to 2 years.
  • It covers the cost of your tuition at CIMAT.
  • It provides a support payment of 4 SMMDF every month.
  • It covers medical services provided by ISSSTE.

Can you live in Guanajuato on a CONACYT scholarship?

  • While the CONACYT scholarship is not overly generous, one of the advantages of studying at CIMAT is that Guanajuato is not an expensive place to live in terms of rent, transportation, food and entertainment (the city's cultural events are consistently of excellent quality at very good prices). For that reason the answer here is “yes” according to our students.

What are the requirements for obtaining a CONACYT scholarship?

Is the CONACYT scholarship a loan?

How do I apply for a CONACYT scholarship?

  • CIMAT will ask you for the required documentation during registration week and file the necessary documents with CONACYT.

How long is the MCS program?

  • It lasts two years (the length of time for which CONACYT scholarships are awarded for master’s programs).  It consists of 10 subjects and two thesis seminars.  However it could take less time if equivalence exams are taken.

Are there examples of students who completed the program within 2 years?

  • Yes, but these have been uncommon cases.

Is it a full time program?

  • Yes, the MCS requires full-time attendance and dedication.

Where are the graduates of the MCS program?

  • They are:
    • Enrolled in a PhD program with us (at CIMAT) or abroad
    • Working in an academic environment (at universities or technological institutions)
    • Working in the private sector.
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