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Master of Science in Pure Mathematics

Maestría en Ciencias con especialidad en Matemáticas Básicas (Spanish)

CIMAT’s Master of Science program in Pure Mathematics offers its students a broad and solid perspective in mathematics as a whole, and the ability to delve into almost any area of interest in pure mathematics research.

This Master’s program prepares its graduates to become highly trained professionals who are able to understand and formulate mathematics for a large variety of problems in pure and applied science, and to work on multidisciplinary teams to solve these problems.  The students are also trained to work in academic settings and to continue on to doctoral studies.

This program is taught by one of the most important research groups in the country.  Its faculty includes specialists in analysis, differential and algebraic geometry, mathematical physics, dynamical systems, and topology.

Applicant Profile

This program is aimed at students who have a bachelor's degree in sciences such as mathematics or physics, or in natural sciences or engineering, with a strong background and proven ability in mathematics.  Students are required to devote full time to the program and must show ability for learning and for abstract thinking.

The Master of Science program in Pure Mathematics requires that applicants have a basic knowledge of linear algebra, calculus and differential equations, as well as mathematical analysis and complex variables. It is also desirable to have studied a specialized area of mathematics.

Faculty (in Spanish)

Head of the Master of Science program in Pure Mathematics: Pedro Luis del Ángel Rodríguez

Check here for the full description (in Spanish) of the required and optional exams of the Master of Science program in Pure Mathematics, at the end of the guidelines document.

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