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Master's Programs

Maestrías (in Spanish)

The research-oriented Master of Science programs offer four specialty areas, all registered with CONACYT’s National Register of Quality Graduates (PNPC).

Besides these postgraduate programs, the CIMAT offers three professional-oriented programs:

General Objectives

Each of the research-oriented Master’s programs seeks to provide students with formal knowledge about basic issues and methods in the various specializations offered, and to give them scientific tools in their chosen field. It also aims to train graduates capable of communicating their knowledge to others with scientific rigor.

Each program prepares its graduates to serve as highly skilled professionals in different environments:

  • As scientists, to understand, formulate and address a wide variety of problems in basic and applied sciences
  • As researchers, to work in multidisciplinary teams to participate in research as well as in the development of applications to solve practical problems
  • As teachers, to perform well in academic environments
  • As students, to pursue doctoral studies


The curriculum is organized as a set of required courses for each specialty and a set of optional courses that students choose according to their professional interests.  The required courses cover the basic tools and knowledge needed in a scientific Master's program, while the optional courses provide the training needed to understand the literature of the area of specialization and to give more in-depth training in each of these areas.

All programs consist of four semesters in which the student must obtain credits in 10 to 12 courses, depending on their area of specialty. In addition to this, students must take an English language test to demonstrate that they have the ability to interact with professionals from their chosen field in that language, both orally and in the written form.

CIMAT offers English courses at different levels taught by native-speaking teachers to ensure that students obtain the qualification levels that they need.

Specific requirements for some programs

In addition to meeting the credit requirements of each program’s curriculum, the Master’s programs in Applied Mathematics and in Probability &Statistics, require students to pass certain exams, called "special exams" to demonstrate that they are able to integrate knowledge from different sub-disciplines within their respective areas of expertise.

In order to be awarded a Master´s degree, these programs, as well as the Computer Science one, require the preparation and presentation of a thesis, which reflects the interest of these programs in training highly competent professionals for the labor market.

Finally, within the Master's program in Pure Mathematics, students are required to pass an exam to demonstrate a mastery of the knowledge of this specialty’s sub-disciplines because this program focuses on preparing students for future doctoral programs, which requires advanced mathematical knowledge.


CIMAT’s researchers actively participate as teachers of its graduate programs. The vast majority of them belong to the National System of Researchers (Sistema Nacional de Investigadores (SNI)).  Along with CIMAT’s own faculty, visiting researcher scholars teach students, providing them with a broader perspective and an opportunity to enhance their training. To see the list of our professors, visit the section on Researchers in Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics and Probability.

Academic Infrastructure

CIMAT provides the infrastructure to support research for its students. Graduate students work in cubicles with computers and internet access. All students have access to computer labs specially equipped for assignments and research projects in the areas of mathematics, computer science and probability and statistics.

The services and resources of the CIMAT’s library, which is the best library of its kind outside of Mexico City, are accessible to all students. The collection of books and magazines is complemented by access to electronic journals, scientific databases and interlibrary loans from the most important institutions in Mexico.

General Rules of the Academic Program and additional Guidelines for the Master's and Doctoral programs (in Spanish)

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