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Science Outreach

Mathematics and science in general play an increasingly important role in our daily lives.  They are found everywhere, at home, at school, in industry and at the office. Even in everyday life mathematics plays a role, in music, cooking and even in videogames. But there are still many misconceptions and fears about mathematics and science, such as:

  •  Learning mathematics is difficult and only a few people can understand it
  •  Learning mathematics is not fun
  •  We don’t need mathematics in real life

At CIMAT we have been organizing many activities aimed primarily at children and young people.  We want to show them that science and math can be easy to learn and that they are more useful and exciting than people commonly think.  We teach our young students using origami figures, soap bubbles, puzzles, kaleidoscopes and simple programming languages, among other tools.

Come get to know us!

For information about outreach activities and news from CIMAT, write to:

Outreach Coordinator: Dr. Berta Gamboa de Buen

What is Matemorfosis? (in Spanish)

Here are a few of our Recent Events (in Spanish)

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