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Arizmendi Echegaray, OctavioLevel "A" Researcher, SNI Level II
Doctorate in Mathematics, Universität Saarlands, GERMANY (2012). Areas of Interest in Research: Combinatory, Free Probability. Random Matrices. Graph Theory. G. Functional Analysis and Operator Theory.

Biscay Lirio, Rolando José, Researcher Level "C", SNI Level II 
Doctorate (Mathematical Sciences), Universidad de La Habana, CUBA (1995). Areas of interest: Statistics in diverse spaces; numeric methods for stochastic systems: probability and statistics in neurosciences. 

Christen Gracia, José Andrés, Level "C" Researcher, SIN Level III
Doctorate, Nottingham University, UK (1994). Areas of Interest: Applied Statistics, Bayesian Inference.

Díaz-Francés Murguía, Eloisa, Level "B" Researcher, SNI Level II
Doctorate, CIMAT, MEXICO (1998). Areas of Interest: Statistical Inference. Statistical Modeling in Biology, Ecology, Medicine and Environment, Biostatistics, Statistical Inference.

Euán Campos Carolina, Level "A" Researcher, SNI Candidate
Doctorate, CIMAT, MEXICO (2016). Areas of Interest: Time Series in High Dimensions, Non-Stationary Processes, Spatio-Temporal Models, Complex Data Visualization and Statistical Computing

González Farías, Graciela Ma. de los Dolores, Level C" Researcher, SNI Level III
Doctorate, North Carolina State University, US (1992). Areas of Interest: Statistical Inference and Modeling with emphasis on Multivariate Analysis, Time Series and Spatial Statistics.

Hernández, Daniel, Level "D" Researcher, SNI Level III
Doctorate, CINVESTAV, MEXICO (1993). Areas of Interest: Stochastic Control, mathematical models in finance, partial differential equations, large deviations.

Joly, Emilien, Level "A" Researcher, SNI Level I
Doctorate, Ecole Normale Supérieure and Université de Paris-Sud, FRANCE (2015). Current Areas of Interest: Semiparametric models, Robust Estimation, U-Statistics, Classification, Concentration Inequalities, Empirical Processes.

López Mimbela, José Alfredo, Level "C" Researcher, SNI Level III
Doctorate, CINVESTAV, MÉXICO (1989). Areas of Interest: Probability, Stochastic Processes, Non-Linear Partial Differential Equations, Stochastic Differential Equations

Nakamura Savoy, Miguel, Level "C" Researcher, SIN Level II
Doctorate, UNC Chapel Hill, US (1989). Areas of Interest: Statistical Modeling in Biology and the Environment, Statistical Inference, Asymptotic Statistic.

Ortega Sánchez, Joaquín, Level “B" Researcher, SIN Level I
Doctorate, Imperial College London, UK (1979). Areas of Interest: Gaussian Processes, Extreme Value Theory and applications, Random Sea Models.

Pardo Millán, Juan Carlos, Level "B" researcher, SNI Level III
Doctorate, Université de Paris VII, FRANCE (2007). Areas of Interest: Levy Processes, Continuous Branching Processes, Positive Self-Similar Processes, Optimal Stopping Theory.

Pérez Garmendia, José Luis Ángel, Level “A" Researcher, SNI Level I
Doctorate, UNAM, MEXICO (2009), Degree in Mathematics, UNAM, MEXICO (2004). Areas of Interest: Superprocesses, Branching processes, Lévy Processes, Random Matrices, Risk Theory, Stochastic Control.

Ramírez Leticia LLevel "A" Researcher, SNI Level I
Doctorate, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada (2008). Current Areas of Interest: Statistical Inference and Modeling, Network Inference and Dynamics, Epidemic Models, Spatial Statistics, Computational Statistics.

Ramos Quiroga, Rogelio, Level “A" Researcher, SNI Level I
Doctorate, North Carolina State University, US (1993). Areas of Interest: Experimental Design, Industrial Statistics, Robust Designs, Response Surface Methodology.

Rivero Mercado, Víctor Manuel, Level "B" Researcher, SNI Level III
Doctorate, Université de Paris VII, FRANCE (2004). Areas of Interest: Lévy Processes, Self-similar Markov processes, Exponential Functionals of Lévy Processes.

Todorova Kolkovska, Ekaterina, Level "B" Researcher, SNI Level II  
Doctorate, CINVESTAV, MEXICO (1997). Areas of Interest: Local Times and Self-Intersection, Stochastic Differential Equations, Risk and Finance Theory.

Villa Diharce, Enrique Raúl, Researcher level "A", SNI Level I
Doctorate, CIMAT, MÉXICO (1999). Areas of Interest: Industrial Statistics, Reliability, Extreme Value Theory, Metrology, Statistics and the Environment, Statistical Analysis of Data on Fishing.

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