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CIMAT is one of Mexico’s and Latin Americas mathematical most successful institutions in terms of its history of establishing links with the academic, public and private sectors. Many members of CIMAT’s Probability and Statistics area can attest to wide-ranging experience and success in collaborative, interdisciplinary scientific work, not to mention its application to industry and the social sector.

Below is a list of the successful outreach projects that the Probability and Statistics Area has taken part in.

Statistical Consultation and Modeling
High-Level Statistics Training Programs
Interdisciplinary Outreach

Current and past statisticians from the Center are pioneers at CIMAT in terms of their successful participation in high-impact statistical consultation projects and are recognized for their experience of interdisciplinary work. In addition, many are pioneers in Mexico in the area of the programs on specialized industrial statistics programs now given in industrial plants.

Further information:

CIMAT interaction with Society through Statistics.
CIMAT Links with Industry and the Public Sector


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