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CIMAT Zacatecas


Thanks to the support of the Government of the State of Zacatecas, since 2006 CIMAT-Zacatecas has greatly contributed to the development of the software industry in the state and to the training of specialized professionals that sustain such development.

 The Software Engineering group at CIMAT-Zacatecas (IngSoft) is dedicated to advanced technologies research and its application to the development of quality software.  It is one of the largest research groups in this field in Mexico.

Currently, through the state program for the development of the information technology industry, the Software Engineering group works with the government of Zacatecas state to promote information technology.  It has achieved significant progress to date, specifically in terms of attracting research groups and companies to the state and involving institutions of higher learning in Zacatecas.

CIMAT-Zacatecas has brought critical mass to the creation of the Institute of Information Technology of the State of Zacatecas (ITI-Zac), making it one of the first organizations to house and promote the Institute. As a result, Zacatecas has established a strong momentum in information technology that sets it apart from other institutions in Mexico.

Director: Sergio Martín Nava Muñoz

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