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highly valuable tradition in CIMAT’s Probability and Statistics Area is the organization of academic events of both national and international import focusing on promoting research in Probability and Statistics and the dissemination and communication of stochastic developments.

In 2017, we helped to organize the following events; see all our future and past events here.

P & S Events in 2017:

BUC8: Workshop on Stochastic Optimal Control

May 31-June 2

Fifth Latin-American Congress on Bayesian Statistics (COBAL V) 

June 7-10

International workshop on perspectives on High-dimensional Data Analysis

June 15-19

Summer residencies CIMAT 2017

June 3-7

SIMA 2017 Inter-institutional Random Matrix Seminar

November 6-10

Workshop on Random Perturbed Systems

November 20-24

Mexico Poland Meeting in Probability

November 27-December 1


Events in 2016:

XIV School on Probability and Statistics, Guanajuato

March 16-18, 2016

Third Bath University, UNAM and CIMAT Conference
May 16-20, 2016

University of Arizona / CIMAT First Workshop on Interdisciplinary Statistics
June 2-3, 2016

IX Summer School on Probability and Statistics Guanajuato
July 2016

VIII School on Probability and Stochastic Processes, Guanajuato.
September 12-16, 2016

First Symposium on Statistical Inference and Modeling, Guanajuato (Jointly organized by IIMAS-UNAM)
November 21-25, 2016

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