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                              Miercoles, 3 de Junio de 2020

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The Probability and Statistics Area maintains an ongoing program of Seminars on both Statistics and Probability, taking place every Monday and Wednesday afternoon from one to two o’clock in CIMAT’s Salón Diego Bricio Hernández. Some of the sessions also involve the joint participation of the Probability and Statistics Seminar, where CIMAT’s doctoral students can share their progress with the public. These sessions are mandatory for CIMAT’s masters’ and doctoral students, given how enormously important it is for the entire academic community to participate in the discussions that always result.

In addition, students are cordially invited to take part—voluntarily—in the following seminars and study groups, wherever their own interests may lead them. These activities are a fundamental part of the dynamic academic environment at CIMAT. Some of the options available are seminars on Mathematics and Finance, Uncertainty Quantification, Graphics and Combinatorics, Mass Data, Free Probability, Spatial Statistics, the monthly session on Data Topology and related subjects. All dates and schedules are announced beforehand via CIMAT’s institutional email address.

For weekly information on CIMAT's seminars, please follow this link (information in Spanish)

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