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                              Sabado, 6 de Junio de 2020

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Success Stories


Personal Software Process™ (PSP) and Team Software Process™ (TSP) Methodologies: Training & Implementation
Client Companies:  Seguros Comercial América, Banco del Bajío S.A., Grupo Tress

The Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon developed the PSP and TSP methodologies in order to support engineering teams in developing more efficient and better quality software products. The PSP and TSP methodologies follow the approach of the Capability Maturity Model (CMM), which means that they are focused on continuous process improvement.


Stress Analysis of the Paxtle Tunnel

Client Organization: Ministry of Public Works of the State of Guanajuato

The Paxtle tunnel is located on the Silao to San Felipe highway in the state of Guanajuato and was dug in a hill that needed to have its structural integrity verified before tunnel construction. CIMAT coordinated an interdisciplinary group of mathematicians, geologists and mining engineers who conducted a feasibility analysis and risk assessment, and suggested alternative construction approaches based on the application of finite element method for stress analysis.

CIMAT used systems of partial differential equations with boundary conditions to simulate the behavior of the hill during excavation, interpolation parameters in field samples and sample points to extrapolate the total volume, and geometry by experimenting with different tunnel sections, horseshoe , circular arches and twin tunnels, to observe their behavior.  Numerical analysis and finite element method were used to calculate possible solutions for the model.


Methodological Innovation and Optimization

Client Company: Casa Sauza Tequila Company

Since 2000 CIMAT has worked on nine successful projects with Casa Sauza.  These projects have been focused on consulting in the areas of statistics, mathematics and software development for solving problems in agribusiness.

These projects won Third place at the National Award for Technological Innovation in 2002 from The Mexican Association of Directors of Applied Research and Technological Development (ADIAT).  Thanks to the joint effort of Casa Sauza and CIMAT many business advancements have been made, including: the reduction of the growth cycle of agave forests with the use of scientific methodologies and advanced technology tools; the monitoring and inventory of agave production within known margins of error by using modern scientific methods ; innovation and the application of new knowledge in order to gain competitive advantage; the creation of a culture of continuous improvement in alignment with corporate strategic objectives to generate greater value for the company.


Superconducting Cable Design

Client Company: Condumex

In 2005 CIMAT developed a software application for the simulation and design of single-phase superconducting cables for the Condumex Company.

This HTSC (high temperature super conducting) cable design was based on a system of ordinary differential equations. The simulation consisted of developing and implementing numerical algorithms to solve the equations that could model the phenomenon.  Thanks to this simulation parameters were established that could produce a single-phase cable that was much more efficient.  This made it possible to create a product that multiplied electrical output for industrial projects or public works.


"5th Facade" Project

Client Company: El Águila Roof Tiles Company

The "5th Facade" project was part of CIMAT program of Industrial Mathematics and Software Development and was conducted in collaboration with the engineering staff of the El Águila Roof Tiles Company. It consisted of a “virtual laboratory” software called OptMeca that analyzes and calculates the production of structural steel trusses, following current building standards, and optimizes the cold rolling process of the steel.  It also displays the roof in 3D broken down by input, calculates the cost on three levels, producer, distributor and customer, and integrates each of the stages in a single application.

The system led to savings of both time and resources in the preparation of client proposals. This design won first place in the category "Technology Innovation by Enterprises & Entrepreneurs” in the “senior” subcategory at the Third Technological Innovation Awards, Guanajuato 2010.


Developing Simulators for the Implementation of a New Criminal Justice System

Client Organization: Poder Judicial del Estado de Guanajuato

CIMAT developed a probabilistic model, provided with software, which helps predict the flow and type of crimes that may be seen in the courtrooms and judicial tribunals specialized in oral proceedings.  This was implemented in the new criminal justice system starting in 2012.  In addition, the model helps estimate the duration of each trial and how many resources will be required for the trial.

The system allowed adjustments that resulted in savings of $60 million pesos in the budget of the Judiciary of the State of Guanajuato. The project also received the Award of Judicial Excellence and Innovation in 2010  from the Asociación Mexicana de Impartidores de Justicia (Mexican Judicial Association) at their Sixth National Assembly.


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