Beautiful science videos

Michael Freedman (Microsoft)
A personal story of the 4D Poincare conjecture
Oct 6, 2020 (Zoom)
John Milnor (Stony Brook)
Real and Complex Cubic Curves
July 26, 2016, U. of Edinburgh (England)
Ivan Izmestiev (Univ Fribourg)
Ivory's and Arnold's theorems on the sphere and in the hyperbolic space ,
June 16, 2016, Banff-Oaxaca, Mexico
Valentin Ovsienko (Univ Reims,France)
Projective geometry old and new
June 13, 2016, Banff-Oaxaca, Mexico
Étiene Ghys (Lyon)
Surfaces and Geometry (3 lectures, the 1st appears on Day 2)
aug 2014, Lyon (France)
Susan Lindquist (MIT) - 2 lectures
Protein Folding and Prion | Prions and Evolution
March 2010
John Conway (Princeton)
The Free Will lectures (6 lectures altogether)
2009, Princeton University
Douglas Arnold and Jonathan Rogness,
Möbius Transformations Revealed
June 2007
Vladimir I. Arnold
Polymathematics: complexification, symplectization and all that
April 1998, Newton Inst, UK
Richard Feynman (UCLA)
The double slit experiement,
Nov 1964