PASCA 2020

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PASCA 2020

Pan-American School in Commutative Algebra

A graduate summer school in Barranquilla, Colombia


Sadly, due to the pandemic and the measures put in place to respond to it, we will have to reschedule the school to a future summer.  When concrete plans for rescheduling are settled, we will let you know by email, and post them on the conference website and

Location & dates

Location: Universidad del Norte, Barranquilla, Colombia

Dates: June 1–12, 2020

Speakers & activites


José González (University of California, Riverside): Lectures on toric varieties
Luis Núñez Betancourt (CIMAT, México): Differential operators in commutative algebra
Claudia Polini (University of Notre Dame): Differentials and derivations with applications
Karen Smith (University of Michigan): F-singularities


This is a two week summer school on current topics of research interest in commutative algebra. For each of the two weeks, there will be two lecture series with accompanying problem sessions. There will also be a poster session for participants.


The application form is online.

Please apply by February 29, 2020.

Minimum background: A first semester course in commutative algebra (e.g., covering the majority of topics in Atiyah-Macdonald)
Preferred background: Familiarity with depth, Cohen-Macaulay rings, Gorenstein rings, and Hilbert functions.


Organizing Committee:

Jairo Andrés Ángel (Universidad de los Andes, Colombia)
Tristram Bogart (Universidad de los Andes, Colombia)
Federico Castillo (University of Kansas)
Javier De La Cruz (Universidad del Norte, Colombia)
Pedro Hernández (Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia)
Luz Adriana Mejía (Universidad del Norte, Colombia)
Bernardo Uribe (Universidad del Norte, Colombia)

Scientific Committee:

Hailong Dao (University of Kansas)
Ismael Gutierrez (Universidad del Norte, Colombia)
Jack Jeffries (CIMAT)
Jonathan Montaño (New Mexico State University)
Alexandra Seceleanu (University of Nebraska, Lincoln)
Mark Spivakovsky (Institut de Mathematiques de Toulouse, France)

Outreach Committee:

Alicia Dickenstein (Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Cleto Miranda Neto (Universidade Federal da Paraiba, Brazil)
José Alejandro Samper (MPI Leipzig)
Rafael H. Villarreal (CINVESTAV, Mexico)

Local information


For inquiries, contact Jack Jeffries ( or Jonathan Montaño (

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