A Multi-objective Framework for Assessment of Recycling Strategies for Photovoltaic Modules based on Life Cycle Assessment

Pérez Gallardo Jorge Raúl

A probability model for the school bus routing problem with bus stop selection

Pérez Gallardo Jorge Raúl, Pérez Rodriguez Ricardo, Hernández Aguirre Arturo, Cruz Aceves Iván, Velasco Álvarez Jonás

A Takagi–Sugeno-Kang fuzzy model formalization of eelgrass leaf biomass allometry with application to the estimation of average biomass of leaves in shoots: Comparing the reproducibility strength of the present fuzzy and related crisp proxies

Villa Diharce Enrique Raúl

Environmental impact assessment of chicken meat production via an integrated methodology based on LCA, simulation and genetic algorithms

Pérez Gallardo Jorge Raúl

Combining Multi-Objective Optimization, Principal Component Analysis and Multiple Criteria Decision Making for ecodesign of photovoltaic grid-connected systems

Pérez Gallardo Jorge Raúl

Minería de Modelos Borrosos de Predicción para Series de Tiempo Caóticas

Lara Álvarez Carlos Alberto