Hybrid classical–quantum Convolutional Neural Network for stenosis detection in X-ray coronary angiography

Image Encryption and Decryption System through a Hybrid Approach Using the Jigsaw Transform and Langton’s Ant Applied to Retinal Fundus Images

Automatic tissue segmentation of hyperspectral images in liver and head neck surgeries using machine learning

LRSE-Net: Lightweight Residual Squeeze-and-Excitation Network for stenosis detection in X-ray Coronary Angiography

Improving convolutional neural network learning based on a hierarchical bezier generative model for stenosis detection in X-ray images

Localized active contour model with background intensity compensation applied on automatic MR brain tumor segmentation

Cruz Aceves Iván

Segmentation of coronary angiograms using Gabor filters and Boltzmann univariate marginal distribution algorithm

Cruz Aceves Iván, Hernández Aguirre Arturo