Diffusion MRI microstructure models with in vivo human brain Connectome data: results from a multi-group comparison

Rivera Meraz Mariano José Juan, Ramírez Manzanares Alonso, Marroquín José Luis

Accurate multi-resolution discrete search method to estimate the number and directions of axon packs from DWMRI

Recovering Detailed Intra-voxel White Matter Structure by using an Adaptive Diffusion Dictionary

Sparse and Adaptive Diffusion Dictionary (SADD) for recovering intra-voxel white matter structure

Histological and diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging data from normal and degenerated optic nerve and chiasm of the rat

Ramírez Manzanares Alonso

Histological validation of per-bundle water diffusion metrics within a region of fiber crossing following axonal degeneration

Ramírez Manzanares Alonso 

A novel robust network community identification method for structural connectome analysis

Ramírez Manzanares Alonso

Robust Monte-Carlo Simulations in Diffusion-MRI: Effect of the Substrate Complexity and Parameter Choice on the Reproducibility of Results

Ramírez Manzanares Alonso