Technological Innovation

The Technological Services Coordination (CST) is CIMAT’s development and innovation office, which is based on mathematical research. It is in charge of facilitating and promoting solutions to problems from the public and private sectors. Its staff is made up of experts in science, mathematics and engineering.


Contribute to the social, economic, scientific and technological development of the country by transferring mathematical knowledge incorporating frontier research in the Center’s specialty areas. Likewise, participate in the training of excellent human resources through continuing education services and build long-term relationships with clients and users from different sectors of society.


Consolidate the CST as a generator of solutions with high scientific and technological value within the framework of a collaborative environment, where agents act proactively, strengthening internal management, value generation, innovative market search and sustainability.

Lines of work

The lines in which we specialize to execute our projects and services are based on mathematical sciences and the technology derived from them. Among others, we can mention the following:

Mathematics and statistics

  • Industrial mathematics.
  • Applied Statistics.
  • Sampling and statistical studies.

Data Science

  • Modelación y análisis de datos masivos.
  • Analítica, inteligencia de mercado.

Scientific Computing

  • Artificial intelligence.
  • Virtual and augmented reality.
  • Robotics.
  • Optimization.
  • Computer vision.
  • Numerical modeling


  • Technological integration.
  • Information technologies.
  • Software development.
  • Information Technology Consulting.
  • Software Engineering.
  • Process management.
  • Training of human resources, training.

Information for Companies

Through the Coordination of Technological Services, CIMAT contributes to the development of the country’s productive and service sectors.

We collaborate with all kinds of companies, from the identification and characterization of a problem, to the development and implementation of a solution already in production, and even in post-sales service. This also implies that we offer expert advice on concept tests and support companies in the continuous training and training of their staff.

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Continuing Education

CIMAT offers continuing education courses designed based on the particular needs of clients. To design the programs, CIMAT analyzes and identifies the professional requirements necessary for the personnel of the client company. The courses are taught by leaders from each field of knowledge of the Center’s lines of research. You can request a tailor-made Course through

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Troubleshooting workshops and science sprint services

The Industrial Problem Solving Workshop (SPI) is an opportunity that CIMAT offers every January to the business sector, to work with expert personnel on a specific problem.

Throughout a week, we support the generation of innovative solutions that increase the competitiveness of participating organizations.

Just as you can participate in the SPI, we invite you to request a “scientific sprint” dedicated to your organization. During this time, a group of researchers and highly qualified personnel will be able to contribute ideas, develop algorithms and models, or carry out mathematical implementations to the solution of a specific problem.

Opportunities for students

In order that students of related careers can learn and apply their knowledge in specialized projects, the CST is able to receive students to carry out professional social service or professional practices in this Coordination.

Collaborations and partners

In the Coordination of Technological Services we establish agreements to create an active collaboration between different institutions and CIMAT.

Agile schemes for this type of collaboration are consortia and laboratories, in which infrastructure and capacities can be generated and shared in order to accompany regional development, the growth of key industrial sectors, the flourishing of special economic zones, the design of public policies and, in general, the articulation of the scientific and technological sector of the country.

Some examples of these mechanisms:

  • Binational Innovation Nodes (Bajío and Southeast): 2018-21019.
  • Innovation and Technology Transfer Center of Aguascalientes for the Automotive Sector (CITTAA):
  • INTELNOVA Consortium:

Our clients

The wide spectrum of possibilities that mathematical sciences give us has allowed us to work with organizations, institutions and companies from all kinds of sectors.

Some of our customers



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