A Multi-objective Framework for Assessment of Recycling Strategies for Photovoltaic Modules based on Life Cycle Assessment

Pérez Gallardo Jorge Raúl

A line search algorithm for wind field adjustment with incomplete data and RBF approximation

Moreles Vázquez Miguel Ángel

Method for Game Development Driven by User-eXperience: a Study of Rework, Productivity and Complexity of Use

Lara Álvarez Carlos Alberto, Mitre Hernández Hugo Arnoldo

Entropy of Eye Fixations: a Tool to Evaluate Learning Objects

Lara Álvarez Carlos Alberto, Mitre Hernández Hugo Arnoldo

A Takagi–Sugeno-Kang fuzzy model formalization of eelgrass leaf biomass allometry with application to the estimation of average biomass of leaves in shoots: Comparing the reproducibility strength of the present fuzzy and related crisp proxies

Villa Diharce Enrique Raúl

Environmental impact assessment of chicken meat production via an integrated methodology based on LCA, simulation and genetic algorithms

Pérez Gallardo Jorge Raúl

Reducing deformation, stress, and tool wear during milling processes using simulation-based

Montalvo Urquizo Jonathan, Villareal Maroquín Guadalupe