Algorithm to Generate Trajectories in a Robotic Arm Using an LCD Touch Screen to Help Physically Disabled People

Deep Neural Networks for Passengers’ Density Estimation and Face Mask Detection for COVID-19 in Public Transportation Services.

An Entity-Matching System Based on Multimodal Data for Two Major E-Commerce Stores in Mexico.

A Combination of Sentiment Analysis Systems for the study of Online Travel Reviews: Many Heads are Better than One

A probability model for the school bus routing problem with bus stop selection

Pérez Gallardo Jorge Raúl, Pérez Rodriguez Ricardo, Hernández Aguirre Arturo, Cruz Aceves Iván, Velasco Álvarez Jonás

Simulation optimization to enhance the performance of the seaport operations

Pérez Rodríguez Ricardo, Hernández Aguirre Arturo, Reyes Cortés Miguel Ángel