Seminar Vector Bundles on Algebraic Curves (VBAC)

In 2020 the VBAC group launched a series of Webinars due to the pandemic situation. Due to the success of the series it was decided to continue it in the 2022-23 academic year with 4-5 webinars, starting in late September.

Objectives of VBAC

The purpose of the VBAC group is to bring together the leading experts in the area to take stock of the latest developments and map out directions for future research. The conferences are an opportunity to present research and establish new collaborations. An equally important objective, in keeping with VBAC tradition, is to give young researchers and women the opportunity to present and discuss their work with senior experts, and to contribute to integrating them into the scientific community.

The first VBAC webinar was A tribute to C. S. Seshadri organised in September 2020.

Comité organizador
Leticia Brambila Paz