Who really discover Ramsey Theory? A story about the algebraic-geometric origins of Ramsey Theory

AUTORES: Heory, Named After The British Mathematician And Economist Frank P. Ramsey, Is A Branch Of Mathematics That Focuses On How Highly Organized Substructure MUST Appear Inside Large Enough Mathematical Objects. Some People Say Ramsey Theory Is About How “complete Disorder Is Impossible’’.
Ramsey-type Theorems Appear In Number Theory, Combinatorics, And Ergodic Theory. The Ramsey Numbers Indicate The Size Where This Happens For The First Time!

I Will Discuss Computation, Bounds, And Verification Of Ramsey Numbers And The Fascinating True Origins Of Ramsey Theory, With Names Like Hilbert, Schur, Van Der Waerden, Appearing Along The Way. I Will Discuss How Methods From Algebraic Geometry And Logic Play A Role. I Will Not Assume The Audience Has Prior Knowledge.